Display ad space must be reserved by the 12th of the month prior to the desired month of publication.


All artwork or requests for changes to existing ads are due by the 15th of the month prior to the desired month of publication.

Guidelines for Submitting Content


Editorial Submissions

Articles featured in Natural Awakenings cover a wide range of subjects in the areas of natural health, healing, inner growth, fitness, creative expression and earth friendly living. Do you have expertise that you would like to share? Send us your article. Please contact us for guidelines and deadlines.


News Briefs

What's new? Share it with us! Did you open a new office, recently become certified in a new therapy, or do you have a newsworthy event coming up? Have information about green or renewable resources? We welcome any news items relevant to the subject matter of our publication. We also welcome any hot tips or suggestions you may have for a news item. Length 50-250 words. Due by the 12th of the month prior to the desired month of publication.  Click here to submit


Health-Briefs or Eco-Briefs
Health or Eco briefs are short, interesting clips of information often referring to a new health fact or leading-edge research in a particular field. This is an opportunity to share bits of information about your particular business or expertise. These cannot be self-promoting (examples: massage lowers blood pressure; acupuncture shortens labor; exercise eases depression, eco-friendly ways to clean, etc ). Please include any references. Length: 50-250 words. Due by the 12th of the month prior to the desired month of publication. Click here to submit



Kudos are short bits of information often referring to someone receiving an award, certificate or other recognition. Please write your Kudos in third person. Length is up to 75 words and submissions are due on or before the 12th of the month prior to publication.Click here to submit.


Calendar of Events

A popular features in Natural Awakenings Magazine is our calendar of events and ongoing events sections. Have your event included in West Michigan's most comprehensive calendar solely representing the best in natural health, green living and personal growth events. Due by the 15th of the month prior to issue you would like events published.


Display advertisers receive 5 free listings per month. Natural Directory, Yoga & Massage page advertisers and Non-Profits and Distribution Locations receive 2 free per month.


Dated Events-$20 per listing with a total of 50 words. Must be submitted online each month. Events priced at $80 or above will require a corresponding display ad. Click Here to Submit

Ongoing Events- $10 per listing with a total of 30 words. Must be resubmitted online each month. Classes and other events that meet on an on-going basis, with a fee of $25 or less, are placed in this section. Events priced above this will require a corresponding display ad. Click Here to Submit


Photos and Graphics

Be sure to include any photos or graphics in one of the following formats as an email attachment. Graphics embedded into Microsoft Word documents are NOT acceptable.


1)    Digital photos (JPEG or TIFF) untouched ‘right out of the camera’ is preferred.Professionally photos/graphics at 300 dpi. TIFF, EPS, PDF or JPEG.


2)   Computer printed material or website images are NOT accepted (unless 300dpi). Submit all graphics to


3)   We will are not able to guarantee the print quality of any images,graphics or final artwork not submitted as stated above.



Become a Distribution Site

Place Natural Awakenings free magazines in your business and become part of a community-wide awakening. Provide something positive for your customers. Best of all, it's free to you and we take care of everything. 


Our distribution network will deliver your copies of the magazine each month, neatly place them in the space designated by you and will strive to provide the optimum number of copies for your site. If a rack is needed it will be provided by Natural Awakenings. Magazines are always delivered before the first of each month. 


To become a distribution point, please contact us.


July 2019

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